About us

STF is a society for members engaged in the Danish maritime industry. Established in 1915, STF has for many years been the forum for martime industry professionals to meet, discuss and debate topical issues.

The focus for STF is on current technological, economic and political issues relating to the maritime industry in general and Denmark in particular.

Through formal and informal meetings, seminars, lectures and company visits, STF provides a forum for members to share knowledge and exchange opinions on topical issues. STF regularly arranges social and cultural events to promote and encourage personal engagement, thereby strengthening the member’s professional network.

Members of STF are generally senior executives, high level management persons from shipping companies, offshore related industry companies, classification societies, marine consultants, marine insurance companies, marine engine and equipment suppliers, shipyards, maritime authorities, academia, Admiralty and other such related bodies.

Developent and growth within the maritime industry is accelerating, and faces many complex challenges. This creates a need for in-depth shared knowledge incorporating many different competences. Through STF, members have the opportunity to exchange and grow their knowledge to meet the rapidly increasing demands and expectations of the marine industry. It is the ambition of STF to extend and maintain the STF professional network throughout the maritime industry and through the STF website: www.sofartsteknisk.dk

Søfartsteknisk Forening

Tuborg Parkvej 8

2900 Hellerup

TLF 39454800 | stf@dnvgl.com