Welcome to STF – your maritime network

About us

STF is a society for members engaged in the Danish maritime industry.

The focus for STF is on current technological, economic and political issues relating to the maritime industry in general and Denmark in particular.


The society has a little more than 200 members.

To become a member of STF, it is necessary to hold a senior executive management position within the Danish maritime industry or be in possession of special knowledge for building and operation of ships an offshore vessels.

STF Events

Events are normally closed to non-members to allow free informed discussion on delicate subjects between industry professional members.

Events take place at regular intervals and generally number comprising 5 to 6 annually.

Søfartsteknisk Forening

Tuborg Parkvej 8

2900 Hellerup

TLF 39454800 | stf@dnvgl.com