Præsentation fra webinar 24 februar 2021.

Is wind techniques one of the solutions towards the IMO 2030 CO2 efficiency goal?

By: Konstantinos Fakiolas, Naval Architect & Marine Engineer,MSc Ship Technology & Ocean Science NTUA

Wind energy harvesting for green propulsion is not the absolute solution to the total ship decarbonization, but it can undertake a noteworthy portion of the CO2 emissions during certain sea voyages.

In this arrangement, an overview of the available technologies will be presented along with their fundamental functions and performance principles in various wind conditions.

The interactions between the wind propulsion systems aerodynamics and deck structures, and the impact to the hull, rudder and propeller performance will be analysed.

Furthermore and not least, we will look at an overview of whatspecific operational and design restrictions are to be taken intoaccount for both existing ships and newbuildings, when such holistic considerations are to be made for Wind propulsion systems incorporation. Criteria for ship designers and operatorswill be discussed and empirical information will be provided for wind conditions assessment in the oceans where wind energy harvesting can be effected.

By means of regulatory compliance, the current development situation will be discussed related to the IMO EEXI/CII and Classification requirements. Comparative examples of grCO2/ton-mile reduction through different WASP technologies will be presented for various ship types and sizes.